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For many years, the teaching that the Harlot of Revelation is Rome or the Catholic Church has reigned within many Protestant circles. Today, most Western Analysts have diverged from this theory, and rightly so. Yet the problem of searching for alternatives leaves many in the dark – most Western Analysts are looking for a global Harlot that combines all religious systems and is political in nature, like Rome was. Yet neither Rome nor this “combination universal religion” Harlot conforms to many of the basic Scriptural descriptions of the Harlot. I have compiled seven reasons to prove this point. The Harlot described in the Bible must be in Arabia.

The Harlot must be connected to Arabia, not Rome or New York or any other nation or city. In Isaiah 21:9, Isaiah levels a prophetic oracle against Babylon: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen,” is the same announcement used in Revelation 18:1-2. Yet this prophecy is not ultimately about ancient Babylon (Iraq), but the Mystery Babylon of Revelation. Ancient Babylon was simply a type of the Last-Days Babylon. The names in this prophecy are all areas in Arabia:
“The burden against Dumah” (v. 11)

“The burden against Arabia” (v. 13)

“All the glory of Kedar will fail” (v. 16)

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