By J.L. Robb

The year is 1979, Iran’s air force is supplied with U.S. aircraft, folk walk down the streets of Tehran with Europeans and Americans, shopping and laughing, another day in paradise. The Iranians actually liked U.S. Citizens way back then. Rehza Pahlavi was the Shah and one of our great allies. Iranians dressed “Western” for Pete’s sake.

There was little Islamic extremism directed toward anyone from Iran, including America and Israel, a land that was once ancient Persia, home of Cyrus the King. 

Unfortunately for us and the rest of the world, that all changed with the Jimmy Carter presidency. President Carter, who admittedly committed mental adultery because he had lusted at some time in his life; I mean, really??? Who hasn’t and that was too much information.

President Carter did not like the Shah, thought he was corrupt. Corruption in the Middle East? Surely not. I suppose he did not recognize all the corruption in D.C. and decided to dismantle our ally-ship with the longtime ally, a strategic ally I might add. Carter helped the Islamic Revolution succeed. At the time, it was quite surprising that a U.S. President would betray an ally for Islamic Revolutionaries. That was before we knew what he thinks of our friends, the Jews. I think he refers to Israel as an apartheid nation? Replacement theology in our White House took hold, promoted by none other than the President at the time.

The ayatollahs invaded our ally, who we totally betrayed (think Mubarak of Egypt) after years of friendship, U.S. citizens at the embassy were held hostage and finally, President Reagan took office and the ayatollahs released the hostages. Good thing for the ayatollahs. But by then, Pandora’s Box had been open; and the world of Islamic Jihadism raised its ugly head, again. It certainly was not the first time.

Jump forward to January, 2015, and you might write Mr. Carter a thank you note. Or not.

Impeachable Offences: The Case to Remove Barack Obama from Office is a book written by NY Times authors Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliot. The book reveals news you won’t hear on the major news networks about President Obama’s efforts to Islamasize the White House.

Reportedly, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin “may have exposed national security information” to her contacts in the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood was the delightful group of guys and gals that were on the terrorist list but the U.S. wanted to rule Egypt, after another Democratic president and strategist decided to betray yet again another ally of decades.

Now consider another alleged Muslim Brotherhood associate, Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council. Isn’t that swell?

“We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government today.” ~ Retired U.S.A.F. General Tom McInerney

In the past, especially since 9/11, it seems that anyone who disagrees or is repulsed with the teachings and actions of Islamic jihadists is phobic, or bigoted and phobic. When a conservative disagrees with a liberal viewpoint, the conservative suddenly becomes a phobic, a bigot and pretty much a severe personality disorder, because of which, should not have free speech.

Phobic means to fear. Should we be phobic?

The beginning of January has been a dismal start for the New Year if the Islamic terrorism continues at its devilish pace. I don’t think we can stand much more of this love and peace. It’s killing us.

Recently we had the Paris attack by Islamic terrorists. The whole world seems to recognize that the terrorists are not Quakers, Catholics or Jehovah’s Witnesses. They recognize their enemy. Not our U.S. Administration though. They cannot bring themselves to utter the word Islamic as it relates to terrorism.

Marie Harf, State Department Deputy Spokesperson was interviewed this week by Martha McCallum, FOX News and just could not make herself mention Islamic and terrorism in the same sentence, stating that there are other terrorists. Really? Watch the video, and you will only wonder: Where in the world did this lady come from, sort of like the President. Of course, she and the other staff, including agencies like the Pentagon speak only what the President allows in his interpretation of free speech.

I recently learned that Jesus was not Jewish after all but Muslim, even though Islam did not appear for another 600 years after Jesus. Hey! They have an answer for that too. Tell a lie long enough and the lemmings will believe. Another step in the Islamization of the West.

But wait, the Administration has a solution: Islamophilia

Philiac means the love of, an unnaturally intense affection for. Some examples you may have seen on the news:

Duke University, Durham, NC, has instituted the Muslim call to prayer each Friday from the college bell tower. They want to be “inclusive.” Now imagine what the liberal university would do if a Christian asked to have church call from the tower, or a Jewish group might play a shofar. Don’t think so. Liberals seem to be phobic when it comes to Judaism and Christianity.

“In an initiative to promote religious pluralism, Duke University will broadcast the Muslim call to prayer every Friday on campus. The call to prayer-also known as ‘adhan’-will be chanted by the Duke Muslim Student Association.”

Chipotle Restaurants have reportedly removed all pork from a third of its restaurants at the demand of Muslims. Of course, Chipotle also stopped supporting the Boy Scouts of America until the BSA changed their tune on homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.

The U.S. Consulate in Israel is forming their own Palestinian militia.

The Homeland TV series is considering avoiding all things Muslim in the new season.

In Colorado, some parents are incensed by a school field trip to a mosque that requires children to dress according to Islam.

Dear Nancy Pelosi has appointed the first Muslim to the House Intelligence Committee.

And the beat goes on. This is the same beat that went on in Europe a few decades ago, and they now are paying a huge price. It is not easy to rid oneself of cancer, a malignant cancer that claims to be working for none other than God Himself.

The devil is a sneaky predator and has fooled the world with this belief system that has snared many good and naïve people over the past 1,400 years. The Bible speaks specifically of a coming time, after Israel regained statehood, that a belief system would take over the world and non-adherents to the belief system will not be able to “buy or sell.” That means no food, water or clothing.

You can get a waiver however if you convert to the belief system. If not, you will be enslaved or beheaded.

What religion, the only religion, is going around beheading people and making sex slaves of young girls? The spirit of the anti-Christ is upon us and the world seems oblivious.

Wake up. It will soon be too late, and we will all be sitting around thinking about what we shoulda-coulda done to prevent the coming catastrophe.

Islam is not a religion of peace and harmony. It is a religion of dissension, oppression and evil. I mean, does anyone (other than Muslims) believe that God would want his prophet to have multiple wives, one only 6 years old? That God would want young girls sold as sex slaves? That God would want women to walk around in a tent because the Muslim men can’t control their sexual urges? Islam has many sexual overtones.

I would suggest to all Muslims: Read Leviticus 20 and decide if you really think God would provide 72 virgins for murderers or anyone else? 

Get a helmet.

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