By Troy Smith

Of course…keep watching and believing what the news is feeding us & their agenda will succeed in part…I say in part because we win…God controls this and like it or not…He wins!

I keep hearing the resounding; “you don’t know what’s going on”, “you’re paranoid”, a “gloom and doomer”, “conspiracist”,  “speculative analyst”, “fear monger” and one of the “matrix” people…

May I remind you of 2 Peter 3:3-4…

To date almost 8,000 hours of study…and I’ve hear it., lol…it’s all there;

Gun control, freedom of speech,  religious freedom, right to sustainability, right to live without taxation, ability to travel, carbon tax, hate crimes, Islam, NDAA, PIPA, Climate Control, Vatican, Giants coverup, Homosexuality, evolution, DNA, vaccinations, Peace, Chem trails, Blue beam, Beast, propaganda, drones, Illuminati, All seeing eye, Darpa, IRS, Gps, CFR, CFL, G20, Federal reserve, Horace, L.u.c.i.f.e.r.,cbs, Oil, 33 degree Masons, Tolerance, Core Curriculum,  Nato, United Nations, NWO, Aleister Crowley, Global, consciousness,  the Pope, enlightenment,  Karl Marx, Bohemian Grove, Anton Lavey, Coexist, ONE, oneness and it goes on and on.

“They” will eventually surpress, eventually control, eventually deceive and tame the masses just like Hitler, Stalin and Mau Lee…

But “they” will also “cry out for the rocks to hide” them, soon, from an angry God.

How am I so dogmatic?  The Bible has predicted this time for centuries with key signs that have been confirmed ONLY in this generation of the last 6,000 years…yet no one believes, “where is the promise of his return”, “you can discern the signs of the skies but not the times in which you live”

“They may use quantitative easing, hyper inflation, and manipulation of the fiats to hold “things” together a little longer but time is on Gods side…this is the real deal, it’s not your Grandfather or your Fathers generation that said he’s coming back…this is the generation, finally the evidence speaks for itself!

May your eyes be opened one day soon to the truth for the vigilant,  the watchers, the wise may lay down life and limb but through perserverance to the end will prevail…and remember “to be asbsent of the body is to be present with the Lord”.

The Global Order is almost here but it’s not the final word.

God is preparing those that will watch and pray during this time, for we are not appointed unto His wrath but the master returns at an “hour you think not”, be ready.

Isaiah 26:17-21

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