By Troy Smith

Right this minute God may seem like a figure from a fairytale to you, but soon, when eternity comes, and it will, this life will seem like a fairytale. 

Eternity and God will be more real than any book could have ever described and as we each and every one stand before this Holy God, the one that created you and I, we’ll give account for our life.

What excuse will we possibly come up with to show him we didn’t know better… we didn’t think he was real… I couldn’t see him or hear him…. no one told me about you… I thought I had more time?

God does not choose darkness for you, He chose all good things for us but we have a choice and that’s defined by how we live our lives now.  If we don’t choose him then there is only one place where he can’t be, a place that has NONE of his attributes, NONE. 

GOD is good, light, wholesome, pure, righteous, loving, alive, gracious, merciful and is the opposite of evil, darkness, morbid, stench filled, unbearing, death and decay. 

If we say we don’t want anything to do with him what are we really saying…is Hell a real place, is there a place without God’s attributes?

God loves YOU, this is the test, your life, here and now,  merely acknowledging him is not the way….it’s the first step but those that love him will KEEP his commands now, in THIS life.  YOU CHOOSE TODAY!

Now is the time to know!