Written by Allen West
August 15, 2014

Bishop Anba Suriel
Let’s be very clear about something: there were Christians in the Middle East long before a fella named Mohammad came onto the scene and started a new belief system called Islam. The Assyrian, Chaldean, and Coptic communities are thousands of years old — and Judaism predates the Christian communities. Islam was not introduced until approximately 610 AD and because of the Roman persecution in Judea causing the diaspora, many Jewish tribes resided in the Arabian peninsula, now known as Saudi Arabia. As well, one of the largest Arabic Jewish communities is the Yemeni Jews — study their history and escape to Israel.

History does not lie, but of course the proponents of revisionist history do. And that is why I find it absurd to hear Muslims speak of their land “being occupied” in the Middle East. Palestine is a region, not a people, never has been. But due to the shrewd propaganda of terrorists such as Yasser Arafat, the word Palestine all of a sudden was redefined all for a political design.

Now, doing his part in revisionist history, Barack Hussein Obama claims we should all just move along, all is fine on Mt. Sinjar. We don’t need to overreact. Well, I prefer to listen to someone who knows the situation in the Middle East — a Coptic Christian Bishop.

According to CNS News, “Bishop Anba Suriel, who was born in Egypt and leads the Coptic Orthodox Church in the diocese of Melbourne, Australia, denounced the “merciless and barbaric acts of genocide” against Christians in Mosul, Iraq, asked why most world leaders and the media were nearly silent about the killings, and stressed that if “we do not take a strong stance against these crimes against humanity, it is only a matter of time before such fundamentalism infects the entire world.”

I do wonder, where are the voices of world leaders? Heck, even the Vatican is speaking out and gave its consent to air strikes against ISIS — the Vatican! Here in America, we just take it for granted that we can all just wake up on Sunday — well some of us — and head off to church services. We can send our kids to summer time vacation Bible school and attend Bible study or choir practice during the week. I often wonder what would happen here if armed terrorists entered a city and gave an ultimatum — convert, pay a submission tax, or die. What would we do?

Christians are being forced from their homes, their children murdered, and driven from their historic lands — but we do nothing. Perhaps you know what I am going to say next: I wonder what the world would be saying if the shoe were on the other foot? What if Christians were driving Muslims from lands — after all the Christians were there long before. What if Israel was digging underground tunnels into Gaza to conduct raids and kidnappings and sending suicide bombers into Judea and Samaria?

As Bishop Suriel states, “Mosul, the cradle of Christianity in Iraq since the first centuries, is now purged of its entire Christian population. The ruthless and purposeful savagery of the attacks by the fundamentalist Muslim terrorist organization The Islamic State (IS), formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is truly inconceivable. Yet most world leaders remain silent in the face of the murder of innocent children and horrific beheadings of civilians. We question why the media has not highlighted the unprecedented systematic eradication of the city’s entire Christian population. In an age where world leaders are gifted with more power and global influence than ever before, I ask why the blaring silence and apathy? We are witnessing a heinous cleansing of the entire Christian population in the Middle East by an expanding extremist Muslim terrorist group.”
Imagine the message that our reticence and silence sends to Islamic totalitarians and jihadists – that they are truly all powerful and victory is theirs. Imagine what the future holds for all OUR children and grandchildren because we recoil when called “Islamophobe” and drive around with naive “coexist” bumper stickers. If any of us in Western Civilization believe this just ends in the Middle East, we are delusional — and truly fail to understand history.

It is the tradition of Mohammad, the sociopathic murderous warlord, that these modern day Islamic jihadists follow. It was Mohammad who sent a letter to Byzantine Emperor Heraclius demanding conversion, jizya tax, or death. That was in 628 AD – and lo and behold it happened in 1453 when Constantinople fell at the hands of the Ottoman Turks, Muslims.

Talk to the Christian Spaniards about the invading Moors. Remember that the whole reason Christopher Columbus went to Isabella and Ferdinand was to seek out a western trade route since the fall of Constantinople to the Muslims cut off the eastern route to China. And let’s all thank God for the bravery of Charles “The Hammer” Martel who turned back an invading Muslim army at the Battle of Tours 732 AD — that is in France. I have to send a shout out to the Venetian fleet who met and defeated an invading Muslim navy at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. And a hearty hooah to the valorous European Knights who defended the walls of Vienna from an invading Muslim army in 1683 – by the way, that’s how coffee was introduced to Europe.

My point of this short little walk through history is to inform all you mindless revisionists that Islam has ALWAYS been in the state of war, Dar-al-Harb, with the infidels, the people of the book, Christians.

This is just another chapter in the book and was reingnited by the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood by Hasan Banna in 1928. So what will be our answer at this point in history? Who will be our courageous leaders – ain’t seeing any right now, certainly not the spineless Islamist sympathizer we have as our president.

What I just shared with you all here is easy to understand. It is truth, no spin, but yet we don’t teach it and allow Muslim Brotherhood front groups who have infiltrated our country — like CAIR — to desensitize us to this historical threat.

The first time America had a run-in with a Muslim military force was the Barbary pirates. It was Thomas Jefferson who met the Dey of Algiers and asked the simple question, why? When it was explained to him by the Dey, the astute Jefferson got his own Koran and read it. Based on that understanding, Jefferson as president sent the U.S. Marines, and they sure as heck put their boots on the ground in Tripoli.

Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t have an ounce of his courage.