By Troy Smith

So you’re sitting there staring at the table wondering what happened. You came home today after a hard day of work only to find your wife and kids aren’t there. Driving up you see Joe, your ole drinking buddy sitting in on his porch, man he looks bad today must be really hung over as you laugh to yourself, I’ll join him in a little while you think to yourself. As you pull up your wife’s car is in the driveway and the lights in the house are on, eerily though both the car and house doors are open.

When you unbuckled your seat belt leaning out you noticed a backpack, your son’s sneakers and clothes beside your wife’s car. After a quick inspection inside the wife’s car you noticed she has a new outfit lying on the driver’s seat and the bells start going off, here she goes again buying stuff with my money without asking. Well quickly closing those thoughts off you proceed to the house through the front door. First thing you see your daughters clothes in the floor again…you just screamed at her last night for leaving them by the shower.

This time there’s a spilled drink right next to them, it’s just lying there upside down running down the tile lines towards the couch. She is going to get it when I see her you think to yourself. Man this family is unbelievable all I ever hear about is how great it is being a Christian and how it will make our marriage better and yet it hasn’t helped anything, the house is still a mess, she still forgets to lock the car and the kids still don’t pick up after themselves. You’re remembering now that your wife got up and left last night during the movie and said she couldn’t watch it because it’s not Christ like, WHAT! Boy, you gave her a piece of your mind over that one, how ludicrous.

Any ways, all of that aside where is everyone, what do I have to do to get some dinner around here. Every day I come home she’s reading “God’s Word” as she calls it, for real, do you really think God wrote that….but whatever, then you slump into the lazyboy and sigh. The one day I come home in a good mood and no one’s here. You flip on the ole tube and the strangest news ever, seems like everyone is frantic and going nuts. You continue searching quickly changing channels from one to the next, and the next, an the next. It’s all the same; people are missing from all over the world. Are you kidding! is this April fools? Just then a heaviness settled in your chest and you started remembering all of the sayings your wife always quoted from the “word of God”, “I will come at an hour least expected”, “in the twinkling of an eye”, “one taken and the other left standing”. A sense of despair has suddenly overcome you and now your heart is racing.

This can’t be it, I mean, it’s not real…there is no god!, right? What about Joe, he’s still here…oh, he doesn’t believe in Jesus either, you think.Could she have been right? Is there a God of the universe, and I have ignored Him my whole life because I wanted to do the things that please me. Did this Jesus guy come back and take those fanatical Christians? I made fun of her everyday…is it true? As you fall into deep anguish and regret you start to recall how the story ends and just then………