By Troy L. Smith

Soon I’ll move away to a place where I don’t have to work on the weekends…a place where I can have a super cool house, where everyone is nice to me and I don’t have to worry about shuffling money around to pay bills, a place where I won’t be awakened by sirens at night and where there are no signs of protest and war.

One day I’m doing it, I’m just gonna be out of here so fast it will make your head spin. I’m not taking anything with me, accept my friends and family and closest acquaintances and my neighbors of course, and the new family I met last week, oh, and the stranger that asked me for change today…I’m definitely taking those people holding up the signs on the street corner (they need a break), not so sure about the mail man though he was mean and cursed at me…but I’ll ask him anyway.

Yep soon I’ll just let all of this go and say astalviesta!  It’s been great here but something inside me just wants to get out of here, it’s like I have this longing, you know, a better purpose somewhere else.  I’ve always sensed it…you know that there’s more to my life.

Anyways I met this man and he said he knew what I meant and that he would help me find my purpose. So I agreed to do as he asked and in return he promised me all those things that my heart truly yearns for…you know peace and endless happiness with no stress and of course the cool house.

There was something about him though that changed me and my thinking that day, it made me content and happy, it took away my stress and worry.  It’s like I can feel he’s still around and the words he spoke were life to me.

That place though, the one he spoke of, it was made exactly the way I wanted… I still can’t get it out of my head.  I believe what he said because it’s real in my heart now, today.

He said this place here where I live now is going to get more corrupted than it already is…I can’t imagine.  He said we’ll have to get out of here soon because things will be so bad here.  He said if I didn’t want to go with him to this place he prepared special for me I could stay and go to this other place where death and all the destruction will go and where those that don’t want anything to do with him go…it was an awful place.

He begged me to be ready though when he returned.  He even cried and said, I was so very special to him and he would die not to see me go to that awful place, but still, he would let me choose.

Why would I choose that awful place …it was horrible, it was exactly the opposite of the place he prepared, but he said if I wanted nothing to do with him, this other place has absolutely nothing to do with him and has none of his attributes.  Well that’s a no brainer for me.  All I have to do is follow his words and watch for him to come back and he’ll take me to the awesome place to live forever?

Just get prepared, one day you won’t see me around here anymore.  He’s coming back whether you believe me or not and I’m following him.  He said we all could go with him but it’s our choice, he won’t make us…because he loves us so much.  I know more than anything in this life his words are true and he will honor them, I simply know it.

Where are you going when he comes back?