by Troy L. Smith

It’s apparent that we are headed for what seems to be a world economic implosion brought on by indiscriminate spending from the Governments of the nations of the world.  The reasons you may ask, are so very diverse from country to country and even state to state but each ultimately appear to have a not so shiny luciferian lining.

Although one cannot predict the future (except God, of course) current indicators show a recession for the U.S. economy coming in 2013.  From economists, analysts and political heads such as Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, George Soros, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser and many others one would gather enough information to fall into deep depression.  We however have one thing on our side that many do not, the Bible and it’s prophecies.

Many of the most brilliant minds of science and research have tried to discredit and dismiss its predictions some spending a lifetime devoted to the cause, yet the bible has never been disproven (I Corinth 1:27).  As a matter of fact every little date, timeline, record and event that was outlined by biblical prophecy has taken place in exactly the precise order without deviation.

It’s laughable that we are taught and believe in Socrates, Plato, Alexander the Great, Nero, and many others with little to very little proof of their existence, many times less than 20 historical documents of validity, yet Christian researchers and secularists both conclude the existence of well over 24,000 documents verifying the origins of the bible.

With any research well concluded one would find overwhelming evidence of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the many prophecies in the bible. Passages outlined in Psalms 83 tell of a time when Israel will be surround by countries that wish to annihilate them from the face of the earth.  A brief study with a world map and bible and one would easily see the pages come to life in today’s news with Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and other nations coming against Israel.

That passage in Psalms indicates this would happen to the “Nation” of Israel also known as the “fig tree”, you can do some research on your own time about that term from the old and new testament.  Here’s a rough draft of the outcome: Israel became a nation in 1948.  Matthew 24:32  “Now learn this parable from the fig tree (Israel): When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves…”.  Israel was a barren desert for hundreds and hundreds of years before, now since 1948 it’s become a flourishing nation of technology, vegetation and prosperity.  When it’s “tender” indicates a youth, thus Israel is very young in context of the thousands of years of biblical prophecy.

Matthew 24:33 “So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near, at the doors!”   What things?  Wars and rumours of wars (Psalms 83) and all the other things that prevail in todays society during a single generation that have never existed before at the SAME time. What is near?  The Lord’s return and the end of the age.

Matthew 24:34 “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.”   What generation? The generation that has become a nation, a new tender branch putting forth leaves.  So how long is a generation?  Many speculate 120 years, 40 years, 50 years but it’s really not that hard to see in the same context of scripture outlining the middle east troubles and Israel (as a NATION), Psalms 90:10 says a generation is 70-80 years.  There are many other scriptures that outline these middle east events concerning Israel, you can spend some time researching them for yourselves but the point is this event is not fifty years down the road, it’s our generation, now.  Some of the other things that are prepping in the middle east right now are Isaiah 17:1 Syria and Damascus as well as Isaiah 19:4 with Egypt and President Morsi (currently crucifying Christians publicly).

A quick jump to Revelation and you see a global government being spoken of by John.  A “New world Order” if you will, where in order to buy and sell one must receive a mark.  The mark of the beast to be exact.  The world bank has stated over and over that we will be cashless somewhere around 2014, a national ID system is setup right now and will start initiation in early 2013 and UN legislation is pushing to give every human on the face of the earth an RFID tracking device by 2017.  You can see how the economic indicators, political agendas and prophecy start to fit together nicely into a puzzle once you’ve taken on the perspective from God’s word.

The anti-christ spirit is here my friends and is as real as your flesh. His satanic agenda to conquer the world, destroy mankind and overthrow God’s throne is also very, very real. Satan has been planning this since he fell and will stop at nothing to bring about a world government that will ultimately force it’s peoples to worship him or else. But we are not appointed to wrath, God’s protection is ever-present in time of need, We need to meditate daily on his word, pray without ceasing and hide his words in our hearts as scripture instructs us.

So yes, these things are coming…get your head out of the sand.   Stop denying it, stop saying “where is the promise of his return” and prepare your hearts and minds.  This is a time of preparation for the Bride of Christ not a time of denial or adversely to start fearing or dreading tomorrow.  Trust God, know he is God, believe and take him at his word.

My point in writing this article is not to go into a lot of detail and outline exacts on what is going down but merely to stir some interest in our readers to the possibility that we are at the end of the age that Jesus spoke about.  We do have a map or outline of what to expect, we do have hope…we have God’s word.  We have his promise, his blessed hope.

Now that I’ve bounced around just enough to get you aching for finality or conclusion I’ll leave you with some scriptures so you can research for yourself.  Jesus said we err not knowing scripture so please do not trust or believe any man such as myself, but trust God’s infallible, inerrant word and study, study, study to show yourselves approved and worthy.  God bless you all.

scripture references: Isaiah 26, Matthew 24, Ezekiel 33, Daniel 12, Isaiah 17-19, Psalms 83, Psalms 90,